Freshers Kept Safe By ProMed’s First Aiders

With universities across the country welcoming their latest intake of knowledge-hungry students, better known as freshers, a thriving evening & night-time economy starts up again following a summer lull.

Kiblamo customers await entry to Retro, with ProMed nearby to provide medical cover

Freshers Week, or Welcome Week, is a time-honoured tradition for every UK university. Newcomers find their way around their university campus and explore the city which they’ll soon be calling home. During the day they’re offered free food, vouchers, t-shirts and a whole lot more. In addition, they’re encouraged to sign up with a local general practitioner and attend induction sessions. Meanwhile, at night, various promotion companies are hosting a range of events in the various bars & clubs. Students are enticed, with loan money in hand, providing opportunities to socialise with their new-found friends.

For some promoters, it’s not just about getting as many people through the door as possible and taking as much entry money as possible. They care about making sure the whole experience is conducted safely and the wellbeing of their customers is ensured.

The Ultimate Northumbria + Newcastle Freshers Bar Crawl

Professional Medical Ambulance Services Limited has been working with one of Newcastle’s most well-known nightlife promoters, Jaluminati Limited. This week they’ve been preparing for their annual Kiblamo event – an introduction to several bars & nightclubs for this year’s freshers.

Northumbria & Newcastle students queue to enter Perdu

Having event medical cover in place was a common sense decision to keep the freshers safe, with students attending their event from both Newcastle University and Northumbria University

“Promoters like Jaluminati have a responsible attitude,” says ProMed’s Managing Director, Matt Dinnery. “By booking our services, and additional door staff to accompany their patrons as they move between venues and explore the city, they’re taking reasonable steps to ensure that there is plenty of assistance available should anybody have an accident or need some welfare support whilst they’re out.”

“It’s well known that bar crawls happen, and the media are often quick to criticise promoters for the behaviour of individuals. However, the well-managed events with minimal trouble don’t get reported. Tonight we’ve seen over 2,000 customers explore a new city and discover the evening & night-time economy. Whilst we’ve been there every step of the way, our first aiders have had very little need to use their skills.”

A first aider watches as freshers enter a bar


The can-do attitude of ProMed’s staff, who are willing to be approached by customers at any time about any general issue, was welcomed by Northumbria Police.

The team dealt with many welfare issues during the night, with a friendly approach. By using their local knowledge and experience, they were able to guide students back to their halls. When groups had been split in busy venues, they reassured the young adults until they were reunited.

Northumbria’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Vera Baird, has jointly funded a Safe Haven van for the city. This beneficial community asset had been deployed by the force, providing a safe space for anybody in need. The first aid team kept dropping by to offer assistance to the kind-hearted bobbies and support its aims.

Professional Medical Ambulance Services provide first aid cover to events and productions across the UK. The company provides first aiders, ambulances and healthcare professionals to festivals, venues and film shoots.

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