At the core of our business, ProMed works in a professional manner with integrity, customer service & staff consideration. Policy & procedure sets out how we deliver our vision, mission, values & principles.

We have many policy groups, covering the difference aspects of our organisation, including clinical standards, communication, equipment, event cover, health & safety, infection control, medicines & drugs, operations, patient care, record keeping, staff, treatment, training, uniform and vehicles & driving.

Policies include links to primary legislation, meaning our staff know why they’re in place. They are written in clear language, and owned by a named person on our lead time – in line with our values.

Published policy

Our core policies are published online:

We review our policies annually, updating them whenever required.

Other policies

Our full range of policy documents is accessible to our staff via Dropbox. The cloud portal ensures they are always using the latest version.

Clients can request to view our policies at any time.