Film & TV Work

I wanted to say a huge thanks from me for being such a stellar, resilient and generous crew over the last week on our production.
Your skills and experience have elevated the film and we’re really glad to have had some familiar faces as well as new friends on set.

– Production Manager February 2021.

Collaborative working

I have had the pleasure of working with ProMed over the past few weeks and have no issue in recommending them to any potential customers.
They are extremely knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy – exactly the type of team you want running an event.
I am in the process of booking them for some regular work starting later this year and I’m very much looking forward to working with them again!
Keep up the good work 🙂

– Service partner, June 2020

Event first aid provision

Many thanks for everyone’s support in making sure this event goes ahead. I would like to thank everyone for all your support and hard work in making the event happen and your support and belief in the LGBT+ community and what it has to offer our wider community and how supportive everyone has been. Once again thank you for everyone’s time and efforts and if you could share this with your team and express our sincerest thanks.

– Customer, May 2019

I was very impressed with the presence of the first aid staff and luckily there were no issues on the day that required medical attention. I will definitely keep a hold of your details for future events.

– Customer, March 2016

Event ambulance provision

An exceptional team to work with, providing what i can only describe as an amazing service.

– Doctor, November 2014

Could you pass our thanks for helping with Sunday’s event in Leeds Harewood House. They fit into our team ok and were a pleasure to work with.

– Events Manager / Paramedic, March 2015

Event medical planning

Absolutely Fantastic service, best we have used by far. Would recommend to anyone.

– Customer, June 2015


Our highly-popular webinar series runs weekly. Our previous attendees have often left a number of comments.

Patient tracking at major incidents

  • Once again another fantastic webinar and I look forward to the next one
  • Thank you for another excellent webinar on patient tracking;vreally liked the google sheets idea bit of a spreadsheeet nerd, so I may end having a plan with some variants
  • Thank you for your time tonight
  • I found the seminar very interesting and will be trying to catch the future ones
  • May I take this opportunity to say a massive thank you for doing these events over the last few weeks the knowledge I have gained has been amazing so thank you
  • Thank you for this opportunity and many thanks for your time
  • I enjoyed your webinar on Major Incidents and found it useful to refresh my knowledge
  • Thank you for tonight’s educational seminar; it has been interesting to see what everyone’s roles were as I am an emergency care assistant so I was unaware at what everyone does, so thank you; I’m due to start student paramedic in September
  • Thankyou for the webinar; I thought it covered the basics of patient tracking at major incidents very well; I look forward to webinars in the future
  • Really enjoying the webinars and looking forward to joining more
  • Thanks for informative seminar; got disconnected towards end; will catch up on YouTube
  • Tonight was the first time I attended one of your CPD events; very interesting and good touch up info to refresh my learning; covered some topics that were new to me, too; thank you very much and I look forward to more
  • Thanks for the webinar
  • Thankyou very much, I thoroughly enjoyed it
  • Thank you for a wonderful session tonight which I found very useful and gave me further insight to the workings at major incidents; I am looking forward to the next one
  • Thank you for another great session, I will be back next week for more
  • Thanks again for the interesting webinar
  • It was very helpful
  • Thank you for tonight’s webinar, I watched it with a great interest and I’m looking forward to the next ones

The event planning process for medical providers

  • Thanks for the informative session; much appreciated!
  • Once again I found it very informative and well presented; I am looking to next week’s webinar too
  • I really enjoyed and found the session beneficial
  • Thanks for another interesting and thoughful presentation
  • Firstly thanks again for giving your time to present a very instructive and well presented webinar
  • Another great session, these are a highlight to my week and I am learning lots every week
  • Another excellent informative webinar; proper training night; really yee opening as it isn’t a thing I have been involved in before; I have really enjoyed the last few Thursdays and look forward to future ones; thank you again for some excellent training
  • Many thanks, 1st promed webinar attended – very good
  • I appreciate all of the information; dealing with safety and security for events, it’s our team’s responsibility to contract for medical services; this outline will help ensure we’re addressing all elements necessary to enable our providers to develop the best possible program for our customers
  • Thank you for a great webinar; my first time on; looking forward to next week’s session
  • Its been great; its been really good tonight
  • Thanks for another interesting session; good to see we are all working together with the same aims
  • Thanks for a very instructive session
  • Ace job, thank you for putting it on for us all
  • Thank you; this has been very informative
  • That was great and really useful; thank you
  • Thank you for an excellent evening training AGAIN
  • Thanks for another great session
  • These are getting better each week
  • Thank you for your time – excellent session
  • Thank you; great as usual
  • Thank you again for another great session
  • Thank you for a very good webinar again
  • Thanks so much

Interacting with other services at events

  • Thanks, very interesting again
  • Thanks for seminar
  • Just writing to say thank you for the session
  • Thank you for a great session on interacting with other services at events, it was my first webinar with ProMed; I look forward to many more
  • Another fantastic session, my internet was a bit poor so I dropped in and out a couple of times but I will catch up from the recording; from our perspective we cover mainly smaller events these day so it’s nice to be refreshed on how things are meant to be done
  • Thanks for another interesting session
  • This was my first Webinar and it was very useful, thank you
  • Thanks for this evening’s webinar; very useful stuff
  • Thank you for the presentation; working in the security industry, I was previously-familiar with the content, but the specifics regarding UK licensing / requirements was definitely educational; I will definitely be reviewing The Private Security Industry Act 2001; again, great content, presented in a very clear and understandable manner; thanks again. I hope we have the opportunity to work together in the future
  • Many thanks for allowing me to attend the interacting with other services at events webinar tonight; it was very well presented with lots of valuable information, and I look forward to attending more in the future
  • Once again a thanks to Matt and the team for your excellent work
  • Thank you, really enjoyed this webinar
  • Thanks for tonight
  • Fantastic webcast thank you very much from Ireland
  • Very useful thank you
  • Thanks once again

Setting up & organising casualty clearing stations

  • Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative webinar this evening; I have been involved in a lot during this lockdown period and this, my first with ProMed was the best; I felt that there were clear learning objectives, an organised delivery and knowledge imparted as opposed to many that have been too waffly and chat orientated with no real substance; as a trainer, I particularly liked the interactive component
  • I found this so helpful but worrying that I have worked at events where this unfortunately has not been implemented; great to see how you are leading by example
  • Thank you for an amazing webinar; I really appreciate it being free
  • Many thanks for a good session
  • Another great webinar; thanks
  • Firstly thanks for hosting the webinar which I found very interesting and a great refresher
  • It was fab; thank you so much for doing these amazing resources for free!
  • Once again, thank you for such a excellent webinar, look forward to more in the future
  • Excellent session tonight I really enjoyed it and got so much from it
  • Thanks for webinar, very good
  • Excellent presentation
  • Thank you for the excellent CPD Webinar regarding Casualty Clearing Stations
  • Thanks for the session
  • Thanks for another useful and informative session
  • Great job, by the way
  • Thanks for tonight
  • Thank you for the webinar on casualty clearing stations; look forward to attending further webinars
  • This was my first webinar with promed999, thank you for an informative refresher session
  • Thanks for an excellent webinar
  • Thanks for the webinar
  • Thanks for a great webinar this evening
  • Thanks very interesting
  • Excellent Zoom call, thank you. Actually the best in this entire lockdown!
  • Thank you again really useful
  • Really great tonight
  • Thank you again for a great webinar
  • Thanks, very informative and great for a refresh!
  • Another great webinar thank you again
  • Very good CPD session, perfect for my NOS update
  • Thank you for the webinar, very good!
  • Great session again, thank you
  • Great CPD session for me thank you!
  • Thank-you very good CPD and very great info
  • Great session thank you
  • Great session thank you so much
  • Another useful session; thanks.
  • Cheers for today was enjoyable
  • Thank you for a great CPD session

The triage process at major incidents

  • Thank you for the talk on major incidents
  • I loved the webinar thank you
  • Once again great session and look forward to the next one
  • Thank you for putting these on I found it really valuable
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the session tonight
  •  I attended your webinar this evening, I heard about it last week on Facebook and it is the 1st one I have attended, I want to thank you; it was a great refresher as I have never attended any major incidents and this is the first CPD session I have seen since I completed my uni course
  • Thanks for tonight very enjoyable and informative
  • The webinar was well presented and very entertaining; many thanks
  • Thanks for hosting the triage webinar; unfortunately I missed the previous one but watched it on catch up; I’m looking forward to seeing more of these. I’ve registered to do a FREC3 course next month (unfortunately your course is too far from home for me!) after which I may come to you seeking event work!
  • I enjoyed the session and look forward to participating again very soon
  • Very good seminar thanks
  • Thank you for a great CPD event
  • Thanks for a fantastic, informative session
  • Many thanks for a great session
  • Thanks, very interesting
  • Thanks again for another great seminar
  • Great seminar thanks
  • Firstly thanks for hosting the webinar which I found very interesting and a great refresher
  • Thank you for a great CPD session tonight
  • Thanks for another useful and informative CPD session
  • Thanks for tonight’s cpd, very good
  • Thank you for another very useful and entertaining webinar this evening
  • Thanks again for this webinar, it was really useful!
  • Thank you for a fab webinar
  • Another excellent session, can’t wait for next one
  • Tonight’s webinar has been fantastic, blew my mind in places but it’s a learning process; fab job again
  • Thanks for tonight, good refresher
  • Very informative, thanks very much
  • Thank you for the session
  • Thank you – great session!
  • Great session thank you
  • Thank you so much
  • Thank you very much for a very good session; a great refresher
  • Thank you for a very good session
  • Thank you very much for tonight
  • Thank you – excellent presentation!
  • Thank you for another good presentation
  • Thank you great presentation!
  • Good session, thank you again
  • Great session, thanks!
  • Another Excellent session; thank you
  • Thanks for that folks

Multiple casualty incidents – initial actions & triage

  • I must applaud you for your efforts with these webinars as they are very useful; I am a senior nurse in the main hospital on the island of Malta, working in the Emergency Department at Mater Dei Hospital; nurses working in the Emergency Department in Malta also have a pre-hospitial role, so these webinars are a gem for us; I must send a big thank you for sharing your knowledge
  • I think it was quite a good one and was really good and informative
  • What a great and very useful seminar!
  • Great presentation; I’m just preparing for a Major Incident course refresher online , and this has been an eye opener and useful moving forward
  • Excellent webinar, enjoyed it
  • Thank you very much, really interesting and highlighted key points
  • Brilliant webinar, learned so much!! Thank you!
  • Excellent session really enjoyed it
  • Thank you. Great refresher
  • Excellent webinar, thank you 🙂
  • Thanks for the great presentation
  • Really interesting thank you
  • Thank you for a great session; a great session thank you
  • Thanks very interesting
  • Thank you very much, was very interesting insight into the civilian side of major incident planning
  • Excellent webinar thank you, looking forward to the next one great CPD
  • Thank you was awesome
  • Thank you it’s been an eye opener
  • Thanks for the session, it reminded me of a few things I’d forgotten
  • Thank you 😊 see you for the next one
  • Thanks for a great webinar, look forward to more in the future 😉
  • Thank you, very informative
  • Thanks for a great session
  • I thoroughly enjoyed your webinar on Mass Casualty Incidents!
  • Once again, thank you for such a excellent webinar, look forward to more in the future
  • Thank you for the online session yesterday, it was enjoyable and informative
  • Thanks for yesterday’s webinar, it was very interesting and informative; I look forward to your future webinars
  • Thanks for the recent mass casualty CPD, it was a good refresher
  • Thank you so much for an informative and really interesting seminar! Although just a student paramedic I was able to follow along and look up terms along the way; I look forward to reviewing my notes as I continue my course
  • Thanking you for the webinar, really had great insight into how triage works in practice and the importance of utilising resources available
  • I really enjoyed the webinar on major incidents and multi-casualty incidents
  • Thank you for an excellent session this evening will be recommending your future webinars and going back over what we have done tonight
  • Thanks for great seminar tonight; very interesting
  • Thank you for an excellent session and we look forward to the next one
  • Firstly can I thank you and your team for preparing and delivering tonight’s webinar, I found it really interesting and provided me with information for further reading; looking forward to future webinars
  • Firstly can I thank you for the excellent webinar this evening on major incidents; having been the first person in attendance many years ago at a 100 vehicle RTC on the M1 motorway I concur on what you taught
  • It was a very good webinar and I look forward to the other ones
  • Myself and my crew mate have learnt alot, whilst sat on our PTS shift
  • Thank you for tonight’s event, very interesting and great refresher; looking forward to future events
  • A very well presented and informative event
  • Throughly enjoyed your webinar on Major Incidents tonight; hope to get to your next session
  • First and foremost thank you for a very informative seminar which was well presented and interesting
  • Thanks for a great session, really useful refresher; hope I can catch others in the future
  • Thank you again for being a focal point and ongoing subjects
  • Excellent session tonight I really enjoyed it and got so much from it
  • I really enjoyed the new webinar
  • Thank you for putting on this excellent webinar on multi-casualty incidents; I found it very enlightening and certainly food for thought when looking at future events and planning
  • Thank you it certainly reminded me of a few things I’d forgotten
  • Excellent session this evening many thanks (from the perspective of an emergency planner in the day job, and mountain rescue medic out of hours)
  • Thank you very much for your webinar; its crazy to think I’m about to become an NQP in London and half of your content I was not aware of
  • Thanks I enjoyed it, good refresher and learnt some good points
  • Many thanks for a great session
  • Thanks for a fantastic session; wonderful explaination
  • Thank you for putting together a great session, I look forward to the next one coming up
  • Just wanted to say thank you for the webinar on Multiple Casualty Incidents the other day, it was very interesting and definitely gave me an understanding on something I had a lack of knowledge about; I also really liked the poll questions and taking part on the Facebook group; I joined Zoom just for it, and will be joining any future webinars you have
  • Monday’s lecture was very good looking forward to the next one

JESIP Joint Doctrine & Joint Decision Model

  • Good webinar tonight, thank you.
  • I attended my first ProMed webinar today and found it very useful, thank you for offering this opportunity free of charge.
  • Very good and well presented.
  • Another great session, many thanks.
  • I recently attended your webinar on JESIP. Thank you for the very informative session!
  • I have really enjoyed tonight’s webinar. It has been really informative and helpful.
  • It was a very interesting subject and I particularly liked the tips on inter-agency communication. I’ll be following your page and keeping an eye out for other events.
  • It was an extremely well presented and enjoyable webinar.

Safer recruitment principles & processes

  • Another great session tonight, I will be spending the weekend looking at our procedures and updating our recruitment process.
  • I have just attend yet another great webinar “Safer Recruitment” by ProMed. A very useful, informative and thought provoking webinar. I follow and look forward to each and every webinar they produce. Every time I come away with something useful or something to put into practice.
  • Thanks interesting and learnt some interesting stuff. See you next week.

Filling out patient clinical record forms correctly

  • Really informative Webinar. Thank you.
  • Thanks again for what you are doing I am currently just qualified on FREC 3 and about to do my FREC 4 so the webinars are very interesting and will continue to help me.
  • Very useful and well taught Webinar.
  • Thank you for the wonderful presentation!
  • Even thou it is early morning here in the Philippines it is so worth it and Thank you so much very informative.
  • Thank you for the webinar. I found it really helpful and interesting. I look forward to joining in on future webinars.

Radiocommunications Protocols & Demonstration

  • Another good topic and even learned a few new things.
  • Thank you for another well presented and informative webinar, i found it very useful.
  • Thanks for the radio communications webinar it was very informative and helpful. I’ll be looking into the courses you provide as I was very impressed!
  • Fanstaic radio coms webinar on zoom tonight.
  • Thank you for the webinar. I found it really helpful and interesting. I look forward to joining in on future webinars.