Endurance & obstacle races

Participating in endurance & obstacle races comes with more hazards than a typical on-road race. Customers expect enhanced fun from the risks of falling, slipping and climbing over things. They also expect high-quality first aid provision to be available if they sustain any injuries on the course.

ProMed’s medical, ambulance & first aid teams are made up of professional staff from a range of backgrounds. We’re used to handling volumes of patients through a minor treatment centre. Many staff also enjoy working solo on positions around the course, quickly assessing patients and patching them up so they can continue the route to completion.

Endurance & obstacle races present additional hazards, including structures, mud, being at height, fatigue & exposure
Endurance & obstacle races present a lot of fun for most participants, but some will sustain minor injuries and expect high-quality first aid provision to be readily available

Experienced Project Managers, based in one of our offices, support event organisers through the process. They’ll have an informal conversation at first, to discuss your needs. Working together, we’ll prepare a cover proposal outlining what level of cover you require. This will explain how the staff will be deployed across your course.

ProMed aims to provide excellent customer service for your participants. Whilst we’re there to provide medical treatment, we want them to feel happy and supported at your event.

All events need medical cover for their customers and contractors. By choosing ProMed, you’re complying the The Purple Guide. We draw on personal experience, research & published guidelines to ensure our recommendations are appropriate. Working in consultation with you helps your team understand the basis of our risk assessment.

Types of endurance & obstacle races

ProMed’s team provide cover to many clients across England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Inflatable events with assault courses and obstructions are a great example of an obstacle race. We’ve provided cover for these in the East Riding of Yorkshire, North Yorkshire, and West Yorkshire.

Some participants enjoy getting pretty muddy in Carlisle, Cumbria, as well as other areas in Northern England. We know that some sites aren’t accessible to road vehicles, so we can arrange for full 4×4 all-terrain vehicles, whether full-size (ie Isuzu style road vehicles), buggies (ie John Deere / Gator) or quad bikes (suitable for first responders to rapidly access patients with equipment).