Psycho Path Thrilled with ProMed Team

Billed as the North East’s biggest Hallowe’en event, ProMed are working with Curious Adventures at Psycho Path.

Lintz Hall Farm is the 700-acre setting for Psycho Path’s immersive theatre experience, which includes over a dozen different scenes. By day, it produces, packages & delivers fresh eggs to various businesses across the North. By night, the horror begins as Psycho Path’s mutant sub-human inmates take over to provide entertainment to only the most brave of souls.

Psycho Path delivers a universe of horror to around 750 customers each night over a 3-week period. Newcastle’s Evening Chronicle refers to the event as being “VERY scary” and it feels like you’re in a horror movie. Unlike other, tamer, experiences, the actors here can touch the participants to turn the thrill factor up a few notches. The BBC video shows just how much work goes into the production.

Event Medical Cover

Considering the event layout, with two distinct sites, ProMed worked with the production team to establish two treatment centres.

First Aid Post at Psycho Path has a stretcher, medical gases, first aid consumables, cardiac monitor & more

Inside the main barn, with direct access to the main road on hardstanding surface is the main treatment centre. ProMed have furnished this with a stretcher, medical gases, cardiac monitor and a range of first aid consumables. Whilst not always staffed, it’s already ready for immediate use should a patient require a more detailed assessment, some privacy or to await an emergency ambulance should it be required.

Beside the course entry/exit point, we established a minor treatment centre where we keep an automated external defibrillator (AED, or defib), medical gases and a quick-to-grab first aid bag. During the evening, our staff are based here, so we can assess any minor injuries promptly and provide effective treatment in a timely manner.

Should a patient not be able to get to us, Lintz Hall Farm have made available their quads & buggies, along with experienced drivers, to rapidly move our staff and any equipment they may need to any part of the course. The service road is very muddy, but their drivers are very experienced with the site layout and riding in the dark!

Psycho Path Experience

The barn area at Psycho Path includes local food vendors & drinks producers

From entering the barn, where customers can relax with a beverage from Wylam Brewery & other local producers or purchase a meal from Tango, the action begins. A zombie is often walking amongst the crowd, demonstrating his own horrific style of magic tricks.

From there, participants are transported to the 1.5-mile course, which takes around 45 minutes to complete. There are 3 safety zones provided for those who are weaker than they imagined to bail out.

If you want to know more about Psycho Path, check out their social links:

For tickets and detailed information, please visit their website. Be warned – the video is very graphic!

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