Code of conduct

Everyone attending a ProMed training event has the right to expect a space free from bullying, intimidation and harassment. Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy and not to be discriminated against.

ProMed’s code of conduct

ProMed will not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination. Anybody attending a ProMed event are responsible for their own behaviour and must ensure they behave appropriately showing respect to others during ProMed events and social activities.

Reports of inappropriate behaviour, including behaviour which brings injury or discredit to Professional Medical Ambulance Services Limited, will be treated seriously and acted upon promptly. Any such behaviour may ultimately result in attendees being asked to leave and/or legal action being taken.

The event coordinator will outline how members can report inappropriate behaviour, and the event coordinator has complete discretion to ask individuals to leave the event.

Any persons breaching this code of conduct will be reported to ProMed’s leadership team, and may be prevented from attending future opportunities.