Multiple casualty incidents – initial actions & triage

Our first free webinar, ‘Multiple casualty incidents – initial actions & triage’ attracted over 90 participants from across the UK & Europe.

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  • What is a:
    • Multiple casualty incident
    • Mass casualty incident
    • Major incident
  • What can you do if you’re already there (a ‘zero responder’) with no equipment?
  • What should you do if you’re the first crew to arrive on scene?
  • How to apply triage sieve & triage sort in the field
  • How to compose a M/ETHANE message

Multiple casualty incidents – Question & answer session

Some of the questions asked during the webinar included:

  • Can I ask a silly question in relation to what you are saying? surely its not our responsibility to say stop sending resources – would that not be the clinical lead?
  • Have you / your company looked into the psychological impact of major incidents and how you may begin to support individuals suffering?