Event medical cover

ProMed provides a comprehensive medical, ambulance and first aid service to events of all types and sizes. We offer a “one-stop shop” for all the medical, ambulance and first aid needs of any event from the start of build to ultimate departure from site, both for persons deemed to be employed, and to the general public.

ProMed has considerable expertise in planning and delivering the medical, ambulance and first aid cover to all types of events.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds, including the National Health Service (NHS), private first aid companies and the military. We utilise the experiences and skills of our team to work collaboratively to provide the best possible service to each event.

ProMed staff have appropriate expertise in mass gathering medicine and can be provided in appropriate numbers, at the right costs, to guarantee whatever medical cover is required from a simple first aid post to a complex field hospital.

We can cover any of the following, and more:

  • Music concerts
  • Multi-day festivals
  • Air shows
  • Nightlife events – regular club nights, warehouse events, organised t-shirt events, etc
  • Community events – school fayres, church fêtes, country shows, etc
  • Participant sport events – road races, cycle races, fun runs, etc
  • Closed sport events – football matches, roller derby, rugby matches, boxing tournaments, etc
  • Corporate events – conferences, team building days, celebrations, etc


The importance of having the right medical expertise cannot be over-emphasised. A landmark legal judgement in 1999 highlighted that failure to provide appropriate medical assistance at an event broke the duty of care. Event organisers are urged to begin discussing their events at an early stage so that we can ensure the right level of professional care is provided to your clients, staff and public attending.

From the start of your production planning, we can be involved in preparing the medical plans required for your event to operate safely.

Our key personnel have experience in liaising with local NHS ambulance services and in attending Safety Advisory Group (SAG) meetings. We not only represent our own interests as a medical provider, but also your interests as the event production & promotion organisations.