As well as hosting our own webinars, using the Zoom platform, we also curate a list of recorded sessions which we have attended & reviewed.

ProMed’s webinars

Our webinars last approximately one hour, be fully interactive with Q&A sessions throughout and, above all, be totally free!

Don’t worry if you can’t make it though, we will record them and upload them to our YouTube channel afterwards.

Upcoming webinars

Date & Time (UK: London)SubjectLink
Thursday 22/10/2020 1900Emergency services command roles at incidentsMeeting ID: 971 3049 4943
Password: Police101
Thursday 29/10/2020 1900Working on tv & film production setsMeeting ID: 937 4632 3582
Password: Take1Cut
Thursday 05/11/2020 1900Safety considerations for medical providers at events & incidentsMeeting ID: 988 5266 7010
Password: HaSaWA1974
Thursday 12/11/2020 1900Safety critical communications protocolsMeeting ID: 945 7610 6590
Thursday 19/11/2020 1900Meeting ID: 916 3452 7405
Thursday 26/11/2020 1900Meeting ID: 915 7296 5622
Thursday 03/12/2020 1900Meeting ID: 998 9045 6993

The best part of all of this is you can claim a certificate at the end and evidence it as CPD! Make sure you email webinars@promed999.co.uk to request yours. This has been done specifically with those of you progressing through the FREC suite in mind.

Past webinars

Date & Time (UK: London)SubjectLink
Thursday 15/10/2020 1900The psychological impact of major incidents
Thursday 08/10/2020 1900Radiocommunications protocols & demonstration
Thursday 01/10/2020 1900Filling out patient clinical record forms correctly
Thursday 24/09/2020 1900The different roles & remits of prehospital care providers in the event sector
Thursday 10/09/2020 1900Safer recruitment principles & processes
Thursday 03/09/2020 1900JESIP Joint Doctrine & Joint Decision Model
Thursday 13/08/2020 1900Patient tracking at major incidentsVideo & Slides
Thursday 06/08/2020 1900The event planning process for medical providersVideo & Slides
Thursday 30/07/2020 1900Interacting with other services at eventsVideo & Slides
Thursday 23/07/2020 1900Setting up & organising casualty clearing stationsVideo & Slides
Thursday 16/07/2020 1900The triage process at major incidentsVideo & Slides
Monday 06/07/2020 1900Multiple casualty incidentsVideo & Slides


We host our webinars on Zoom, so you will need to install their software on your device if you want to join live. Just click on the meeting invitation link which will be published here beforehand. We’re currently limited to 100 participants on the live webinar, so it will be first come first serve – get online early to secure your place!

Please note that you’ll need to have a Zoom account (they’re free, if you haven’t already got one). Visit their website to register if you need to!


Our core focus is on delivering webinars which cover the operational & logistical aspects of event medical cover. That’s what stands us apart in the sector, as we pride ourselves in high-quality operational support.

We’d love to hear suggestions for our future presentations, so please email webinars@promed999.co.uk with any ideas!

STC Training Solutions’ webinars

Our excellent training partner, STC Training Solutions, run their own series of webinars, focused on the clinical knowledge & skills needed by first responders, emergency medical technicians, ambulance technicians & healthcare professionals.

Electrocardiography (ECG)

This was a free weekly ECG webinar series covering a range of topics, from ECG basics, right the way through to the more obscure presentations that you need to recognise. This series was aimed at those who are expected to interpret ECGs as part of their healthcare role and was likely to be particularly useful for anyone studying towards a registrant qualification.

  1. ECG basics
  2. Lead II rhythms
  3. Axis & bundle branch blocks
  4. Acute coronary syndromes
  5. The t-wave
  6. Atrial & ventricular anomalies
  7. Tachycardias & WPW
  8. Cardiomyopathy & Brugada

Interactive CPD

  1. Immediate Life Support (ILS)
  2. Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) for FREC 4 (Part 1)
  3. Anatomy & Physiology (A&P) for FREC 4 (Part 2)
  4. Patient assessment
  5. Spotting the sick child
  6. Sepsis
  7. Oxygen & Entonox guidelines
  8. FREC 4 – Workbook 1
  9. Safe Administration of Lifesaving Medication refresher
  10. FREC 4 – Workbook 2 (Mon 19/10/2020 1900 – registration)
  11. FREC 4 – Workbook 3 (Mon 26/10/2020 1900 – registration)

Other webinars

Please note that ProMed is not responsible for the availability of any of the following links. Whilst any webinar/panel linked here has been attended live by ProMed’s leadership team, we can’t be liable for the content of each recording.

Crowd Safety TrainingAn Introduction to JESIP (Jim Goddard)
Crowd Safety TrainingUsing Group Psychology to Enhance Crowd Safety (Professor John Drury)
Crowd Safety TrainingIntegrated Emergency Planning for Crowded Places (Emma Parkinson)
Crowd Safety TrainingUtililising What3Words in Crowd Operations (Joshua Rayner)
Safe EventsDelivery of a Mass-Participation Event (Charlie Mussett)
Safe EventsA Local Authority Perspective on Running Events (Stephen O’Neill)
Safe EventsEmbracing Risk and Making the Tough Calls (Tim Roberts, Eric Stuart, Dan Ward & Mark Breen)
Safe EventsGlobal Perspectives on Safety for Events, During and Post COVID-19 (Jim Digby, Janet Sellery, Alan Wilson & Mark Breen)
Safe EventsEvent Management & Incident Command (Pete Dalton)
Safe EventsSelecting a Medical Supplier for Your Event (Dave Rock)