Interacting with other services at events

Our fourth free webinar, ‘Interacting with other services at events’ takes place on Thursday 30 July 2020 at 1900 BST.

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  • The event liaison team (ELT)
  • Who are ‘event production’ and ‘technical production’?
  • What ‘site services’ are there?
  • The differences between security & stewarding
  • Working together in the stage pit area
  • Event fire services
  • The role of ‘event control

Interacting with other services at events – Question & answer session

  • Large indoor events like church events – exempt or do they need door supervisors licences?
  • Has there been any national, provisional or implemented new covid guidelines for festivals or gigs being introduced? As event staff that would be useful to know?
  • What about clinical waste? Do we dispose of that ourselves, or is that something we’d ask the Cleaners or the Sanitation team to help with?
  • Can’t fire service be used to help with evacuating casualties etc in/through tight areas and crowds?
  • So therefore having the fire safety officer (or whoever they’ve sent) on scene could be useful for coordinating a rapid removal/transport of a patient to an ambulance etc?
  • Who ranks higher a police officers commands or an event organisers?
  • Just a quick note on Event Fire Services, the industry is not regulated and there are no recognised qualification for ‘private firefighters’, so standards, much like the medical industry, vary GREATLY! There are not many event fire companies that actually use local authority firefighters, so be very wary about the level of training (and more importantly, experience) of the crews on site!
  • Are some events exempt sia regulation like theatres with their own stewards?
  • If you’re at event in another role (ie security, appropriately licensed) but also FREC4/etc qualified and happen to come across a casualty whilst carrying out your duties, what should you do?
  • What if you start an intervention (ie iGel) but the first medical team to arrive happens to be qualified lower than the intervention you’ve already perfomed?