CEO Monthly Magazine Announces the Winners of the Global CEO Excellence Awards 2023

Unwavering leadership cultivates an environment of trust, nourishment, and, of course, success. By dedicating themselves to their professionalism, their teams, and their overall business strategies, the CEO Excellence awards winners have been guiding their businesses to an enviable status. CEO Monthly Magazine are here to commemorate the astonishing achievements of CEOs from around the world as they create a lasting impression on their sectors.

Global CEO Excellence

Without a sturdy leader at the helm, a business may not survive the troughs that an industry experiences. And, ultimately, the peaks may not be as high without the drive to get there in the first place. This year, their featured CEOs have seen a fantastic level of recognition! They are set on an upward trajectory for the future to come.

CEO Excellence Awards success for ProMed

As always, CEO Monthly Magazine host this programme to recognise & celebrate those who have seen incredible success over the last year. Awards Coordinator Jessie Wilson commented on the achievements of this year’s winners: “This year’s Global CEO Excellence Awards has been a tremendous journey. Spanning across a multitude of industries, our CEOs have shown their marvellous true colours on a personal and corporate level. Of course, personal and professional development never ends, but our awardees have demonstrated that their willingness to adapt to any situation will always lead them, and their teams, to greatness. I wish each and every one of them the best for the rest of 2023, and beyond. Congratulations!”

This year, the winner of Best Event Medical Cover MD 2023 (UK) is our very own Matt Dinnery. Speaking after the announcement, he said “Running a business over the last few years has been a challenge, especially for those of us reliant on the events, sports & leisure industries to need our services.”

“I’m proud of the team I’ve been leading since ProMed incorporated in 2017. Their efforts have supported the business to grow as we deliver our high standard of event healthcare cover nationwide.”

To find out more about these prestigious awards, and the dedicated professionals selected for them, please visit You can read the winners supplement and view the full winners list.

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