The UK has a rich history of events covering entertainment, leisure and sports. Today we boast one of the widest ranges of events in sport, entertainment culture and the industry is continuously evolving with events ranging from food and wine festivals, dance and theatre performance, music festivals, colour runs, carnivals, to local and major sporting tournaments.

Until recently, options for the provision of first aid and medical services were limited to the voluntary sector. The industry called out for a better solution and event organisers, venue managers and their patrons demanded a higher quality service. It was from wanting to provide the best that lead to the creation of ProMed (as a brand) in 2015, before incorporating in 2017.

The first aid and medical services landscape has changed significantly over the past few years and our management team have played a pivotal role in driving that change.

Over the past 20 years our management team have worked at virtually every type of event that there is from local community events to large scale multi day festivals with in excess of 75,000 people on site.

We are committed to providing modern and professional first aid, medical and safety services. Our team is comprised of experienced staff that come from various ambulance, event planning, communications and related operational backgrounds. Using our extensive knowledge and experience in the field we will ensure your event and venue requirements are managed efficiently. We can advise, plan and attend safety advisory group meetings months before anyone is required onsite.

Our Team are:

  • Experienced in event planning & management
  • Qualified in health & safety and risk assessments
  • Flexible & approachable