Medical control

From experience, ProMed knows that professional command and control is essential to the effective delivery of medical, ambulance and first aid provision at events.

Sadly, there is still a philosophy of “anybody can hold the radio” both within the event production industry and the private medical industry. Unfortunately, time and again this continues to lead to serious communication failures, which impacts negatively on the event as a whole.

If any person at an event requires medical or welfare assistance, we will aim to deliver the right resource to the right person in the right place at the right time. We can work harmoniously with stewarding and security providers to ensure that members of the public are kept safe and receive the appropriate care and treatment for their needs.

The primary aim of ProMed Event Medical Control is to implement The Medical, Ambulance and First Aid Operational Plan dynamically whilst keeping The Medical Manager & Medical Co-ordinator and event organiser fully briefed about what is happening at the event. This is something that we can do both in real-time, and at pre-planned multi-agency meetings during the event.

ProMed Event Medical Control can also provide an alerting and interfacing mechanism with other providers and statutory services should a major incident occur.

Our control team comprises professional, experienced controllers with extensive experience of working within event control rooms across the UK. This means that our team are knowledgeable of the idiosyncrasies of working in the event environment and the unique challenges it presents, compared to those who come from a solely NHS Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) background.

Limited vehicle movements in crowded areas whilst facilitating rapid response, temporary access routes on complex sites and discrete medical support to performers and VIPs are all part of what ProMed can deal with as a matter of routine.

ProMed operates a standalone Event Medical Control facility with modern reliable communications including radiocommunications, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telecommunications and mobile phones combined with a robust and effective computerised call taking and dispatch system that provides full logging facilities that can provide evidence in the event of any enquiry.

ProMed firmly believes that inter-agency liaison is vital to the smooth running of a safe event. We advocate placing Event Medical Control in a combined facility (ie Joint Agency Control Room – JACR) with representatives of Production, Site, Promotion and the other safety agencies such as Stewarding, Security, Police and Fire.

If requested ProMed can provide full consultancy services on joint agency combined event control provision and has the expertise to provide control services covering medical, welfare and lost children.

With professional staff, familiar with the event industry and experience in challenging control environments, you can be assured of a calm professional response from our control staff to any situation that may arise affecting your event.