Providing healthcare excellence through high-quality clinical and operational support.


ProMed’s vision is that every patient will receive the right care, in the right place for them & at the right time, every time.


ProMed provides effective, safe & prompt clinical & operational services to the healthcare & events sectors.


Our values determine how we act, from beginning to end, day in, day out, without fail. We refer to these to aid our decision making, and support our choices.

  • Clear – From the start, we will ensure that you understand everything, and will clarify anything you ask
  • Empowering – We seek to empower our clients to make the best decisions for their business, as we empower our patients to make their own choices relating to their care and treatment
  • Reliable – We will uphold our agreements and ensure that you receive the best service from us, irrespective of outside factors
  • Quality – We strive to give the highest levels of operational service provision & clinical care to all of our customers & patients


We believe that strong principles provide a firm foundation upon which to build a business. We look to these when reviewing our operations, to ensure that we’re delivering what we promise.

  • Accountable – All decisions and interactions will be linked to a named, identifiable person; we will take responsibility for our actions, and will stand by the choices we make
  • Integrity – Our staff will be honest and demonstrate good morals at all times
  • Respect – We will respect the personal life choices of the individuals we come into contact with, and we will respect the decisions that patients make about their own care and treatment
  • Compassion – We care for our patients & staff with compassion & empathy; we will listen intently to those whose lives we touch